Business Immigration Law

Business owners

A non-EU citizen wishing to become self-employed in Germany may be eligible for a residence permit, especially when he or she has already established a company within the country. Applications are assessed based on a series of factors including the business’ impact on the region, funding as well as its owners’ qualifications. Our German-speaking lawyers guide you through the process and help you fulfil the requirements for a successful application.

Non-EU Employees 

A Blue Card EU (residence permit according to § 19a AufenthG) may be granted to a non-EU citizen who has a job offer in Germany and holds a recognised university degree matching the requirements of the position.

If you have no specific job offer but otherwise fulfil the conditions mentioned above, you may be granted a 6-month visa to search for employment in Germany (cf. § 18c AufenthG).

KORTE LAW navigates you through the visa, residence permit or Blue Card application process and ensures that your endeavours are not halted by any administrative hurdles.

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